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Navigating the Challenges Home Health Agencies Face in Assisting with the $7.83 Billion Acute Care Utilization Crisis

Why home health care agencies struggle to play a significant part in reducing the $7.8B spent by payers on adverse drug event hospitalizations.
Striving to Improve User Experience

5 Areas Your Home Health Agency May Want to Review to Enhance User Experience in 2024

By Nora Silver, RN The Home Health industry can be an overwhelming environment even for industry veterans. The sheer number of laws, rules, regulations, and
Thrive in Change Blog

Thriving Through Change in Home Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Change is an inherent part of the healthcare system, particularly in Home Health. Navigating annual alterations necessitates a proactive, strategic approach.
Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail on HCAHPS: Why Patient Experience is the Bullseye 

Navigating the Home Health HCAHPS improvement can feel like your blindfolded at times and with the introduction of HHVPB its more important than ever.
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Navigating HCAHPS: From Patient Experience to Financial Success in Home Health Care

In the constantly changing home health landscape, understanding the nuances of the Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores is
RPM vs CareNav

Remote Patient Monitoring vs. Care Navigation in Home Health: Our findings

In the quest to reduce hospitalizations, improve patient satisfaction (engagement), and better manage costs, home health owners/operators are recognizing the significance of implementing a virtual
Unraveling Patient Experience

Unraveling Patient Experience: The Intersection of Cost Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

By Alice Nora Silver, RN, Director of Client Strategy and Initiatives at Telos Health Solutions. “After decades navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare—with a special
Bridge the Gap Blog 1 1

Bridging the Home Health Quality-vs-Cost Gap: The Power Patient Engagement as a Service

Home health agencies find themselves in a delicate balancing act, as conflicting objectives create additional challenges for care teams. On one hand, they must prioritize
CMS Ask 1

CMS’ Indirect Ask of Home Health Care Providers

Home health agencies today face a formidable challenge as CMS implements significant changes and proposes further reforms for the future. With reimbursement reductions and staffing
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HHVBP Pre-Implementation Performance Report (PIPR) Available on iQIES.

Now that home health agencies have the fortunate (not so fortunate) requirement to participate in the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) model, we’re sure you
Navigating the Perfect Storm 1

Navigating the Perfect Home Health Storm

Do you keep an eye on the weather? When forecasts warn of blizzards or hurricanes, do you take necessary precautions? Just as society prepares for
Unlocking Future Success

Unlocking Future Success: 4 Opportunities that HHAs often overlook or undervalue.

As the landscape of home healthcare evolves, agencies face the challenge of delivering high-quality care while efficiently managing resources and expenses. Balancing these priorities requires
Breaking Through Barriers

Breaking Through Barriers: Customized Virtual Care Solutions for Home Health Care Agencies

The advent of virtual healthcare has brought about a host of benefits, such as greater convenience, improved accessibility, and better patient outcomes. However, the transition
Nures Patient Call

How Centralized Communication Improves Care and Satisfaction

A centralized communication channel is an essential tool for home health providers to effectively manage care and reduce costs. By implementing a central point of

3 Crucial Reasons Agencies Constantly Optimize Operational Efficiency.

In Q4 of 2022 we met with 200+ home health agencies and compiled notes on why agencies are constantly seeking out new ways to optimize operational

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