Do you keep an eye on the weather? When forecasts warn of blizzards or hurricanes, do you take necessary precautions? Just as society prepares for storms to minimize their impact, home health agencies must also brace for the industry’s “perfect storm”. 

While it is true that the convergence of various factors, such as a shortage of staff and a rapidly growing elderly population, is creating a perfect storm, it is important to acknowledge that these challenges also present an opportunity for growth and innovation. With the implementation of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) program and the rise of Medicare Advantage, home health care agencies are being called upon to adapt and innovate in order to provide the best care possible for their patients and reduce healthcare costs. Although navigating these challenges can and most likely will be daunting, the industry’s willingness to evolve and embrace change will undoubtedly lead to a brighter future for home health care.

Optimize Capacity and Forge Strong Partnerships

Agencies must optimize their capacity to manage referrals. Referral sources will partner with agencies that can handle volume while maintaining high-quality care and patient satisfaction. Every declined referral is an opportunity lost to competitors. Ensuring smooth patient transitions and reducing readmissions are critical for maintaining strong relationships with referral sources.

Prioritize Staff Satisfaction and Retention

Staff satisfaction should be a top priority for home health agencies. Dedicated, skilled staff are essential for navigating the storm successfully. Employees who feel supported in their day-to-day work are less likely to leave, and those with reasonable expectations placed on them provide better care to patients.

Implement Proactive Strategies

Just as it’s more productive to put plywood over windows or insulate pipes before a storm, it’s also beneficial for home health agencies to adopt proactive strategies. Implementing virtual care models, optimizing visit frequency, and utilizing real-time, actionable data can help agencies do more with less. This approach is especially important when dealing with Medicare Advantage plans, which often provide fewer visits but still impact HHVBP outcomes.

Lean Into Improving Care Coordination

Improving care coordination can be a daunting task, as limited time, staff, and communication barriers among systems can pose significant challenges. At Telos Health Solutions, we understand these obstacles and have created a comprehensive care navigation program to assist agencies in providing their patients with effective virtual engagement and touch-points delivered by home health trained clinicians. Our solution delivers real-time results, notifications, and feedback to all relevant parties, ensuring that everyone is informed when they need to be. By implementing our approach, agencies can enhance both patient and staff satisfaction, and better equip themselves for success in the face of industry challenges.

If you’re ready to lean more about how we are helping HHAs prepare for the VBP storm, use the meeting link below to schedule a call with us. 

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