We Help Home Health Agencies Do More with Less. 

  • Keep your clinical staff informed of patient-reported changes and roadblocks between visits.

  • Give time back to your field staff by streamlining patient communication and visit coordination. 

  • Empower your agency to make the data-driven scheduling and patient care adjustments that increase  productivity and satisfaction.


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Solutions that enable clients to do more with less.

Home Health Patient Care Navigators

Hiring, training, and managing a team responsible for virtually engaging with patients and effectively communicating updates is both time and cost-intensive. To alleviate this burden, our care navigators contact patients on behalf of our customers to gather and disseminate important information to their care teams and clinical leaders BETWEEN VISITS, improving patient engagement and removing barriers that impede progress toward care goals.

Patient Reported Progress Insights & Alerts

Most agencies have limited access to actionable and rely on manual processes to relay and address problems as they occur. Our agency insights platform analyzes patient-reported updates along with other critical data points, notifying agency users of changes in their patient health, satisfaction, visit availability, and more.

Streamline Outbound Communication

Effective communication is crucial, yet it can be challenging to facilitate seamless communication between staff, patients, and providers. Our solution enables agency users to make outbound calls directly from their agency's primary phone number. This both increases the likelihood that the calls will be answered and reduces the number of calls to care team members who are off the clock or seeing other patients.

Monitor the Impact of Avoidable Events

Avoidable events in home health significantly impact the financial and operational performance of an agency. To assist clients, we have developed a way to track and calculate the total financial and operational impact of preventable events as they occur. By empowering clients with data and metrics they can trust, they are able to make informed decisions that improve productivity and financial performance.

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