Unraveling Patient Experience: The Intersection of Cost Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

By Alice Nora Silver, RN, Director of Client Strategy and Initiatives at Telos Health Solutions.

“After decades navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare—with a special focus on 22 distinct years in Home Services—a revelation emerges,” says Nora Silver, RN. Amidst the complicated matrix of regulations and standards guiding care delivery, one aspect stands out—the patient experience. “It’s not just another box to tick; it’s our North Star,” she emphasizes, “leading the charge to redefine cost management and set unparalleled patient outcome standards.”

How does prioritizing the patient experience hold the key to unlocking the future success of Home Health?

Nora delves into the insights gathered since transitioning from her executive director role in a home health, hospice, and palliative care agency to becoming a key contributor to the inception of Telos’ Home Health Care-Navigation program.

1. The Rise of Quality Over Quantity

   As healthcare gravitates towards value-based models, there’s a pronounced shift. It’s not just about counting the frequency of in-home visits anymore; it’s about assessing their quality. This transition translates into more satisfied patients, invigorated healthcare professionals, and a sound financial framework for health agencies.

2. The Next Frontier: Virtual Care

   The digital age has redefined our patient connections. Integrating advanced engagement methods with virtual care platforms doesn’t just elevate the patient experience; it sets a new benchmark. And the added advantage? Our committed healthcare workforce remains efficient, ensuring care quality is uncompromised.

3. The Three T’s of Home Health: Trust, Timeliness, and Transparency

   Reflect on your personal interactions. Open communication is invaluable, particularly concerning health matters. By emphasizing transparency, healthcare providers can better understand their patients’ lives, ensuring care is not only timely but surpasses expectations. This open dialogue boosts patient engagement, leading to enhanced health outcomes.

4. A Happy Team Equates to Exceptional Care

Clinicians who feel appreciated, supported, and well-equipped deliver superior patient care. Emphasizing the importance of patient engagement can have a significant positive impact on the welfare and stability of care teams, as they can trust their employer is doing all it can to navigate changes being thrown their way while continuing to ensure patient-centric care is of the highest priority. All of this leads to increased patient engagement, reduced staff attrition, and consistently exceptional patient care.

Drawing upon my experiences, it’s evident that while the challenges in healthcare are vast, ranging from staffing concerns to cost control, the patient experience can be our beacon. This isn’t a mere trend; it’s a foundational shift in how we perceive Home Health’s future—a future where patients actively shape their health journey.

For a transformative change in Home Health, the patient experience must be central to our approach. It’s not just about refining services; it’s about fundamentally reshaping healthcare, envisioning a future where all stakeholders flourish. As we sail through the dynamic domain of Home Health—from medication reviews and disease management to care planning and discharge planning—patients should be active contributors, not just bystanders.


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