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A Partner for Home Health Success in the Landscape of Value-Based Care.

Extend your care team's reach, not its headcount.

To maintain patient engagement and facilitate informed care, our team of US-based clinicians proactively connects with patients between in-person visits. They keep a close eye on patient-reported progress, perceptions, and any notable changes, such as new signs or symptoms or upcoming doctor’s appointments, ensuring that this information is communicated to care teams, including details that their home health agency (HHA) might not be aware of.

Our team collaborates closely with home health partners, utilizing state-of-the-art technology solutions to carefully analyze patient-reported updates, visit schedules, and diverse data points. This in-depth analysis empowers home health agencies with seamless notifications and updates, facilitating a proactive care approach. As a result, this approach leads to a significant reduction in readmissions, improved patient outcomes, and heightened clinician satisfaction.

Make proactive and data-driven decisions.

Streamline communication and coordination.

With our platform, partners can optimize their agency communication processes, granting care teams 24/7 access to real-time updates. Moreover, our platform facilitates easy internet-based calls for care teams to reach out to patients and fellow team members using their primary office number. This streamlined communication approach fosters seamless connectivity within the care network.

Create a unique and competitive market advantage.

Differentiate your presence in the local market by harnessing customized reporting functions and implementing innovative programs focused on enhancing engagement and curbing hospital admissions. Our approach incorporates clinicians and technology that is data-driven, informative, and easy to share, enhancing visibility within your referral network.

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