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A Software and Service Solution for Home Healthcare Agencies

A Service and Software Solution for Home Healthcare Agencies.

At Telos, we are devoted to providing innovative solutions that improve the home health journey for all participants, expedite access to impactful data, and help home health heroes accelerate the vital role they play within their community in the forthcoming era of value-based care.

A Partner for Home Health Success in the Landscape of Value-Based Care

Clinician-led patient engagements that proactively take place between in-home visits.

Actionable patient-reported updates delivered to your finger tips and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Aggregated reports of the insights reported directly from your patients help identify and solve potential systemic care challenges.

Make Workdays Lighter for Home Health Clinicians.

Imagine the peace of mind clinicians could have, knowing that other clinicians are proactively calling patients to obtain updates and reinforce standard education between in-home visits.

Now envision the focused approach clinicians could take in the home along with time saved by having access to the updates, challenges, and insights reported directly from the patients they serve.

Meet Payers in the Middle: "Less Frequent, yet More Focused and Impactful Visits".

Faced with ongoing financial cutbacks, home health agencies can employ precise and streamlined methods to meet payer goals and reduce expenses, thereby truly leading the transition to value-based care.

Through clinician-led touchpoints that provide care teams with essential updates between visits, agencies can lower both care delivery and payer costs to enhance their bargaining power during contract negotiations.

In Value-Based Care, Patient Outcomes and Financial Success Are Inseparable.

Due to the financial implications of HHVBP and the growing focus that referral sources place on outcome measures, improving quality metrics has never been more crucial.

By adopting innovative methods to capture patient feedback and actionable insights, agencies can proactively improve care outcomes and financial performance in parallel.


A Partner for Home Health Success in the Landscape of Value-Based Care.

Reduce Care Delivery Costs

Patient Engagement as a Service revolutionizes home health care by providing cost-efficient, clinician-led patient engagement between visits. This approach gathers patient updates, optimizes visit scheduling, and ensures continuous care, leading to better outcomes and reduced costs.

Telos’ care navigation platform equips our home health partners with real-time data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and streamline communication, ultimately reducing costly events such as excessive visit utilization, resumption of care visits, avoidable transfers, missed visits, and more.

Improve Patient Satisfaction by Enhancing Patient Experience

Telos’ Patient Engagement as a Service redefines patient engagement through personalized telephonic interactions led by experienced clinicians between in-person visits. These interactions target potential safety concerns, improve knowledge deficits, and offer care teams updates on patients’ evolving conditions. These direct communication channels between visits ultimately result in an improved patient experience, which is reflected in agency scores.

By creating direct and focused communication channels with patients between in-home visits, patients high a higher sense of engagement to their care which improves their patient experience which directly correlates in an agencies HCAHP scores.

Telos CareNav By the Numbers

Hospitalizations & Patient Experience (HCAHPS) Metrics

Average Hospitalization Rate Across All Patients on CareNav (Monthly)

Average Hospitalization Rate Across All Patients on CareNav (Monthly)

Patient Experience Survey Ratings (HHCAPS)


71% Patient Adoption

At the end of Q2 2023, 71% of patients served by our home health partners were actively enrolled in their care navigation program.

2,403 Episodes

Number of 30-day episodes served in the first half of 2023.

OASIS-E Transfers

Average Hospitalization Rate Across All Patients on CareNav (Monthly)

Average Hospitalization Rate Across All Patients on CareNav (Monthly)

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Cynthia Idell, RN on Telos Health Solutions' CareNav™

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The Advantage of Partnering With Telos

Extend Reach, Not Headcount

Our team of US based home health clinicians connects with patients between visits to assist in keeping patients engaged and care teams informed about patient-reported progression, perception, and changes such as new signs or symptoms or upcoming doctor’s appointments that their HHA is unaware of.

Proactive and Data Driven Decisions

Our home health partners have access to our technology solutions that analyzes patient-reported updates, visit schedules, and various data points to provide proactive care, productivity and other updates.

Communicate and Coordinate

Our platform enables care teams to conveniently call their patients and other members of the care team through the internet, using their primary office number. Meaning those late night calls from patients go to the on-call nurse instead of the off duty clinician.

A Unique and Competetive Advantage

Distinguish yourself within the local market by harnessing customized reporting functions and implementing unique programs focused on reducing hospital admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Telos employees involved in patient communication have clinical backgrounds that align with agency standards?

Certainly. Our care navigators, who act as an extension of our home health partners' workforce, are all clinically trained. Additionally, each team is overseen by RNs with extensive experience in home health.

Is it necessary for our home health staff to manually upload patient rosters to your system?

No. Our system is designed to automatically retrieve roster reports from most EHRs. For those few EHRs where direct extraction is not feasible, our dedicated account liaisons will handle the task. You simply need to select the patients for the care navigation program, and we manage the rest.

Can we design our own engagement frequencies and pathways?

Absolutely. During the onboarding process, our team collaborates with you to craft distinct engagement schedules. This includes choosing from patient-reported update pathways in our library, which then define the call frequency, updates captured, and the standardized education disseminated.

What patient update pathways are available for shaping our patient engagement schedule?

Available options encompass Dyspnea, Recent Falls/Surveillance, Anxiety, Cough, Swelling, Medication Side Effects, Medication Alterations, Medication Supply/Refill, Pain Status, Medication Routine/Purpose, Understanding of HH Services, Feedback on Care/Potential Improvements, Forthcoming Doctor Appointments/Visit Availability, Perception of ADL, and Home Safety Protocols.

Can our clinicians create individual accounts on the platform to receive real-time updates about patients?

Indeed. Setting up an account on our platform is analogous to your EHR in terms of permissions and login credentials.

How are patients introduced to Telos care navigators?

Care navigators will introduce themselves as representatives of your home health agency, unless you specify a preference for them to identify as "Telos". For the patient's convenience, calls made via our platform will display your agency's primary or on-call number on their caller ID.

Which contact number is reflected on the patient's caller ID during engagement interactions?

For engagement calls made through our platform, whether by a designated care navigator or an agency representative, the caller ID will display your agency's main office or on-call number, depending on your preference.

What's the average duration for a patient engagement call?

Typically, engagement calls last between 6 to 10 minutes. However, there's no stringent timing. Our primary objective is to ensure that each interaction is meaningful and resonates with the patient, a departure from generic script-driven survey calls.

Prior to a call, do care navigators examine the patient's EHR record for any recent changes or crucial information to guarantee a productive engagement?

Exactly. On average, care navigators allocate 2-3 minutes to review a patient's EHR profile before initiating a call. This approach ensures there is no clash with scheduled in-home visits and allows the integration of relevant patient-reported update pathways grounded in the freshest EHR data.

Which standardized educational content from Telos can we integrate into our weekly patient engagement sessions?

We offer a range of topics including Advanced Medicine, CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Fall Risk, Oxygen Safety, Pneumonia, UTI, Wounds, Home Safety Setup, Emphasis on Promptly Informing the Agency of Condition Changes, The Significance of Conveying HHA Services, The Necessity of Informing HHA of Acute Care Engagements, Medication Routine Importance, The Urgency of Requesting Medication Refills 3-4 days in advance, The Vitality of consulting the care team prior to using new over-the-counter medications, The Importance of maintaining clear and illuminated pathways, among others. Additionally, during onboarding, our HH Partners have the option to contribute to this library.

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We respect your privacy and will not share your contact information. Get the home healthcare case study now to learn how we can help your agency offer better care through optimized workflows and processes.